Saturday, March 4, 2017

Watch all movies based on Charles Williams stories (Bucket List #4)

#4 is now in the books. I watched Claude Sautet's "L'Arme A Gauche" (Dictator's Guns). Charles Williams was famous for his seafaring stories and this one is very DeadCalmish. Hollywood character actor Leo Gordon takes a major role in this European production.
4 down 11 to go

I've seen 2 of these already (Dead Calm & Confidentially Yours) and now I've finished watching #3 (The Hot Spot). The odd thing is that Charles Williams gets credit for the screenplay despite the fact that it was made in 1990 but he died in 1975. This one must have been kicking around Hollywood for quite some time. In fact, the 3 big budget productions that were made from his stories were all made after his death. This one had Dennis Hopper behind the camera and Don Johnson (who was big at the time) as our anti-hero. Don's just passing through this hick town in order to rob the bank. Turns out not all of these hicks just fell off the back of the turnip truck
3 down 12 to go.
 1990 The Hot Spot (book "Hell Hath No Fury") / (screenplay)

 1990 La fille des collines (novel "Hill Girl")

 1989 Mieux vaut courir (TV Movie) (novel "Man on the Run")

 1989 Dead Calm (novel)

 1983 Confidentially Yours (novel "The Long Saturday Night")

 1975 The Man Who Would Not Die (novel "The Sailcloth Shroud")

 1971 Fantasia Among the Squares (novel "The Diamond Bikini")

 1970 The Deep (novel "Dead Calm")

 1968 The Pink Jungle (writer)

 1968 Don't Just Stand There (novel "The Wrong Venus") / (screenplay)

 1965 The Dictator's Guns (adaptation and dialogue) / (novel "Aground")

 1964 Joy House (dialogue) / (screenplay)

 1964 Le gros coup (novel "The Big Bite")

 1963 Banana Peel (novel) / (screenplay)

 1960 The 3rd Voice (novel "All the Way")

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