Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kilometre 1626

The walk: 24th/Renfrew/Boyd/23rd/Kootenay/29th/Boundary/Vanness/Aberdeen/Wellington/Ruby/Vanness
Last evening: Robson/Georgia/Cambie/Beatty Walk/(bus)/16th/Tecumseh/The Crescent/Hudson/Cartier/Laurier

stone loveseat
aprox km1622 Renfrew Ravine, Renfrew @ Boyd

1 comment:

  1. One suggestion for future improvement for next time... This love seat has a natural S curve. This can be used to your advantage by using it to draw the viewer's eye into the photo. In this case, I think I would have moved myself a little to the left and tilted the camera a bit so that the side that is now poking out of the LH side of the frame would be in the lower LH corner of the frame and the seat would be in the the upper RH corner of the screen. The viewer's eye would then be drawn up the S curve to the seat which is really your centre of interest in this case.