Monday, June 29, 2009

Day #21,377

The Rio on Flamingo

Day #21,376

Walk km 2314-2321: Rio/Twain/Industrial/Vegas Plaza/Las Vegas Blvd/Wynn/Desert Inn/Maryland
This walk actually took place on day #21,377 from 3 AM to 4:20 AM but because I hadn't been to bed yet, I'm recording under 21,376.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day #21,375

With the temperature going to 40 today, it was no time to be outdoors. This is a picture of the upper deck of a double decker bus on Flamingo.

Movie #1024: Sicko (Michael Moore, 2007)
Caught this one on the Showtime channel. The real title of this film should be "I Hate Capitolism". Health care is just an example of what runs better under socialism in Canada, the UK and France. And just in case you missed the point, he takes the abandoned Americans to Cuba for treatment. Jolly good.
Movie #1025: Hotel Rwanda (Terry George, 2004)
Just because a movie depicts a momentous time in history, doesn't make the film momentous. This movie just looked way to clean and sanitary for a movie about genocide.
Movie #1026: I'm Not There (Todd Haynes, 2007)
Instead of a biography of Bob Dylan we get a movie that has the feel of a Bob Dylan LP from the 60s. All kinds of references to Bob's life and career are cut and pasted together like the images that Dylan would cut and paste together in a song. Fun to watch but the volume on my laptop is way too low so maybe I'll watch it again when I get home.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day #21,374

Walk km 2308-2314 Las Vegas blvd/Fremont/Casino Center/Carson/6th/Bonneville/Maryland
I've been spending most of my time at the poker tables and the temperature has gone back up to normal so I've haven't been doing much walking lately. This evening I was knocked out early enough that I was able to walk back to my apartment. My plan for tomorrow is to take the day off so I should be back with a new photo then.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day #21,371

walk km 2303-2308: Maryland/Desert Inn/Joe W Brown/Paradise/Las Vegas Blvd/(bus)/Rio CC/Flamingo

final table of the $2500 8-game WSOP tournament
aprox km2307 Rio Convention Center, Flamingo

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day #21,370

Las Vegas, mecca for the health food enthusiast

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day #21,369

Walk km 2299-2303: Las Vegas Blvd/Sahara/Maryland

the Stratosphere & the Sahara
aprox km2300 Las Vegas Blvd

Movie re-watch: Fargo(1996, Coen Brothers)
Originally watched this one on TV so watching it today on DVD makes it look so much better. Kinda hard to mix comedy together with extreme violence but the Coens come about as close to makin' it work as is possible.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day #21,368

Walk km 2290-2292: Maryland Parkway
Walk km 2292-2299: Rio Dr/Twain/Industrial/Mel Torme Way/Spring Mountain/Las Vegas Blvd/Cathedral/Channel 8/Desert Inn/Maryland

final table of World Championshop of Stud Eight or Better
aprox km 2293 Amazon Room, Rio Convention Center, Flamingo Rd

Movie #1024: Cariboo Trail (1950, Edwin L Marin)
Just chock full of the usual cliches. Surely this must have been the low point of Randolph Scott's career. A career that surprisingly rebounded again in the later 50s and was capped off with "Ride The High Country" in 1962.
One interesting thing about this movie is that it has Lee Tung Foo in the cast. For the story of Lee Tung Foo, check this out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day #21,366

Walk km 2283-2290: Maryland/Desert Inn/Joe W Brown/Paradise/Las Vegas Blvd/Sahara/Maryland

the General Store and the Stratosphere
aprox km2286 Sahara @ Las vegas Blvd

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day #21,365

Walk km 2280-2283: Maryland/Laguna/Topanga/Corona/La Canada/Cayuga/Oneida/Desert Inn/Maryland

not everyone can afford a new car
aprox km2281 Topanga St

Book #249: Mucho Mojo (1994, Joe R Lansdale)

Here's a pleasant little book that I didn't believe a word of. Some books let you sink right into the plot until you feel that you're right there as the story unfolds. This one is way too witty and clever to be believable. A nice tall tale though.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day #21,364

Walk km 2269-2280: Maryland/Sahara/6th/Park Paseo/Las Vegas Blvd/(bus)/Fremont/3rd/Coolidge/4th/Las Vegas Blvd/Oakey/Beverly/Sahara/Kendale/Karen/Maryland

stuff in someone's front yard
aprox km2275 Beverly near Oakey

Monday, June 15, 2009

Day #21,363

Walk km 2264-2269: Casino Center/Fremont/8th/Bridger/9th/10th/Sweeney/11th/Maryland

lookin' out the window
aprox km 2269 Homestead Studio Suites, Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas

Movie (re-watch): Raising Arizona (1987, Coen Brothers)
Is it as good as I remember it? Yup. As good as The Big Lebowski? Let's not get carried away!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day #21,362

Walk km 2260-2264: Maryland/Desert Inn/Joe W Brown/Paradise

Chevron with flag
aprox km2264 Maryland @ Flamingo

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day #21,361

Walk km 2259-2260: Casino Center/1st/Lewis/Main/Bridger/1st/Stewart

The fabulous Queen Of Hearts casino
aprox km2260 1st @ Lewis

Book (re-read): Find A Victim (1954, Ross MacDonald)

Pretty much as I remember it. Not the story of course (it's been 30+ years), but the worth of the book. It's not up to the heights that MacDonald achieved in the late 50s and the 60s but you can see that he's on his way. The child is traumatized and many years later it resurfaces as murder. There is a person who takes the place of another. These plot devices became his stock in trade years later but done just that much better. Another thing is Archer's Mike Hammerisms here that are totally absent from later works.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day #21,360

Walk km 2249-2252: Maryland/Desert inn/Paradise
Walk km 2252-2259: Maryland/Flamingo

Sinister Friday
aprox km2256 Flamingo Ave

Movie #1023: Platinum Blonde (1931, Frank Capra)

This movie makes no sense at all. Streetwise reporter Robert Williams cannot see that drop dead gorgeous Loretta Young is in love with him. He doesn't even notice that she's a woman. He's an eccentric who laughs at the fact that marriage to a rich woman will change him.......and then he buckles under to her every request. And then for no apparent reason, he sees everything clearly again and he and Loretta live happily ever after. But just because the plot makes no sense doesn't mean that I didn't like this movie. There are oodles of those Capra touches that make the movie memorable. And then there's Loretta Young: like I've said before here...what a pip! How Williams would prefer Jean Harlow to her is beyond my comprehension. But then Jean Harlow was considered quite sexy at the time. I'm not sure how that could be possible.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day #21,359

Walk km 2242-2249: Maryland/Desert Inn/Paradise/Las Vegas Blvd/(bus)/Fremont/Maryland

the Circus Circus sign
aprox km2245 Las Vegas Blvd

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day #21,358

Walk km 2232-2237: Maryland/(bus)/Casino Center/Fremont/Carson/1st/Bridger/8th/Carson/Las Vegas Blvd/Fremont
Walk km 2237-2242: Vegas Valley/Eastern/Desert Inn/Maryland

Desert Inn Road
aprox km2241 at the intersection of Maryland Parkway

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day #21,357

Walk km 2223-2232: Casino Center/1st/Bonneville/Las Vegas Blvd/Paradise/Karen/Maryland

your choice of bail bonds: Qwik or JailBusters
aprox km2226 Las Vegas Blvd

Monday, June 8, 2009

Day #21,356

Walk km 2212-2217: Burrard/Davie/Hornby/Smithe/Thurlow/Georgia/Burrard/Pender/Hamilton/Robson
Walk km 2217-2223: Burrard/Canada Place/Howe/Cordova/Water/Carroll/Cordova/Abbott/Pacific/Marinaside/sea walk/Pacific/Seymour/Davie/Granville/Nelson/Hornby/Smithe

statue of Gassy Jack
aprox km 2219 corner of Carroll & Alexander & Water & Powell

Today's Tune:
Honky Tonk Blues
My Windows Media Player is currently on the fritz after I backed up my hard drive yesterday. My computer now thinks that my hard drive is G: drive but all my WMP files are pointing to drive F:. Anyway, I don't need to listen to Hank's version again to know it's a good one. And I heard Dion talking about the album that his version is from on NPR last year. I don't think they played this particular song on that show but the songs they did play sounded good so I'm pretty sure this one will be good too. Once I get this uploaded from "the box" I'll get to hear it too!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day #21,355

Walk km 2208-2212: Robson/Georgia/Beatty/Beatty Walk/sea walk/Howe/Smithe

a fountain
aprox km2209 Beatty Walk

Movie #1021: Wasp Woman(1959, Roger Corman)

When I was out walking last evening I stumbled across a "China Night Market" on Keefer St. There I was able to purchase 3 old Roger Corman movies for just $4.
Sunday morning is the perfect time to watch garbage like this. After a long week being hard at work doing my retiree stuff, it's time to turn the brain off, put the feet up and watch a nice slab of 1950s exploitation. In this one, Susan Cabot injects herself with wasp royal jelly and the consequences are not at all unexpected.

Movie #1022: Cronaca di un Amore (1950, Michelangelo Antonioni)

All very elegant. Elegantly made story of the super rich engaging in murderous activities. I do prefer this kind of story played a little closer to a back alley. Well made though.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day #21,354

Walk km 2202-2208: Thurlow/Canada Place/Howe/Cordova/Water/Alexander/Main/Keefer/Dunsmuir/Seymour/Georgia/Burrard

painted eagle
aprox km2203 Thurlow & Pender

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day #21,353

Walk km 2187-2193: Robson/Howe/Georgia/Seymour/Pender/Burrard/back alley/Thurlow/Pender/Bute/Harbour Green park/sea walk/Denman/Bayshore Dr/Georgia/Thurlow
Walk km 2193-2202: Science World to English Bay (and return) with the Meetup Group

another whatchamacallit
aprox km 2191 Harbour Green Park

Today's Tune: Un Poco Loco
Another warm summer day so another jazz tune. I guess I'm supposed to like jazz but it's never been one of my favourites. I like Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell is supposed to be the poor man's Monk. Luckily, I know nothing about jazz so he sounds just as good to me. This tune was written and first recorded by Bud Powell in the early 50s.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day #21,352

Walk km 2177-2183: Thurlow/Alberni/Burrard/Canada Place/sea walk/Stanley Park/Alberni/Denman/Robson/(bus)/Robson/Beatty/Pender
Walk km 2183-2187: Robson/Denman/sea walk/Canada Place/Burrard

a bush
aprox km2185 along Denman near the sea walk

Movie #1020: Don't Come Knocking (2006, Wim Wenders)

Checking over at IMDB, I see that this is the first Wim Wenders movie (excluding documentary "Buena Vista Social Club") that I've seen in 25 years. And the previous one (Paris Texas) was great! And still I waited a quarter of a century to see another one (I must be a very busy person).
Actually this one and Paris Texas are quite similar. Both were written by Sam Shepard. The main difference is that Sam now looks knarled enough that he can play the lead role himself. The only bit in the movie that didn't make sense was Earl's reaction to his father showing up. It appears that they added that bit so there was something in the plot that would explain why a sofa was sitting out in the street. Wim certainly made good use of that sofa!.
My favourite bit of dialogue: hard-as-nails private eye Tim Roth finds out that Howard's mom (Eva Marie Saint) has been lying to him. He heads over there to confront her. She answers the door and asks if he wants to come in for some milk and cookies. He stares at her......."Milk and cookies!?!?!".........................................................................."what kinda cookies?".

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day #21,351

Walk km 2157-2161: Robson/Broughton/Haro/Denman/Davie/Thurlow
Walk km 2161-2166: Robson/Seymour/Pender/Hamilton/Drake/Pacific/sea walk/Beach/Howe/Nelson/Hornby/Smithe
Walk km 2166-2177: Burrard/(sky train)/Meetup group Science World to English Bay & back/(sky train)/Melville/Bute/Robson

Pandora & her Outdoor Meetup Group
aprox km2171 English Bay

Today's Tune: The Floater

With the temperature going up to 29, it's almost too hot for summer songs. How about some cool jazz? Here's a track from the TV show "Peter Gunn". Arron Bell was the bassist for Duke Ellington. Joe Wilder played trumpet with Count Basie. Shelly Manne was a drummer who led small groups. His second home must have been in a recording studio because he is heard on countless west coast recordings.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day #21,350

Walk (km 2138-2142): Robson/Hornby/Davie/Denman/Haro/Bidwell/Robson
Walk (km 2142-2150): Robson/Hamilton/Pender/Main/Keefer/Gore/Georgia/Main/Milross/Quebec/sea walk/Carrall/Expo/(sky train)/Canada Place/sea walk/Denman
Walk (km 2150-2157): Thurlow/sea walk/Stanley Park/sea walk/Canada Place/Burrard

aprox km2145 Colbalt Motor Hotel, Main Street

Today's Tune: California Sun
With the temperature getting up to 27 today, it's time to dust off the all-time #1 summer tune. It was originally recorded in 1961 by Joe Jones but everyone remembers the 1964 cover version by The Rivieras. Like "California Dreamin'" the song didn't originate in California, it was all just wishful thinking. Joe Jones was from Louisiana, The Rivieras were from Indiana, The Dictators were from New York (except singer Handsome Dick Manitoba), and Los Straitjackets are from Tennessee. Only Dave Alvin is from California.
On the video, more California wannabees: The Ramones.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Day #21,349

Walk (km 2128-2138): Robson/Denman/sea walk/Quebec/Pender/Taylor/Keefer/Dunsmuir/Hamilton/Robson

Millenium Gate
aprox km2136 Pender near Taylor

Book #248: The Stone Angel(1964, Margaret Laurence)

After a slow start, I got around to reading my first Margaret Laurence in 2007 and another 2008. They were both excellent but this one is in a whole nother league. There can only be a handful of books this good.
In reading about this one I see that it was required reading in some Canadian high schools but organized religion got it banned from a few. The reason why it was banned was ridiculous ("blasphemy") but I can see how some high schoolers might be too young to understand this book. Younger readers may not understand it and older readers may find it too frightening but it should be required reading for the middle aged.

Movie #1019: Masculin Feminin(1966, Jean-Luc Godard)

The usual goofy Godard. Star of the movie is pop singer Chantal Goya. Marlene Jobert also stars but I didn't even recognize her (it's been so long since I've seen her in a movie). Interesting interviews with Chantal from both 1966 and 2005 included. And you know who Chantal reminds me of? Annette Obrestad.... the same facial mannerisms.