Friday, June 12, 2009

Day #21,360

Walk km 2249-2252: Maryland/Desert inn/Paradise
Walk km 2252-2259: Maryland/Flamingo

Sinister Friday
aprox km2256 Flamingo Ave

Movie #1023: Platinum Blonde (1931, Frank Capra)

This movie makes no sense at all. Streetwise reporter Robert Williams cannot see that drop dead gorgeous Loretta Young is in love with him. He doesn't even notice that she's a woman. He's an eccentric who laughs at the fact that marriage to a rich woman will change him.......and then he buckles under to her every request. And then for no apparent reason, he sees everything clearly again and he and Loretta live happily ever after. But just because the plot makes no sense doesn't mean that I didn't like this movie. There are oodles of those Capra touches that make the movie memorable. And then there's Loretta Young: like I've said before here...what a pip! How Williams would prefer Jean Harlow to her is beyond my comprehension. But then Jean Harlow was considered quite sexy at the time. I'm not sure how that could be possible.

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