Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day #21,355

Walk km 2208-2212: Robson/Georgia/Beatty/Beatty Walk/sea walk/Howe/Smithe

a fountain
aprox km2209 Beatty Walk

Movie #1021: Wasp Woman(1959, Roger Corman)

When I was out walking last evening I stumbled across a "China Night Market" on Keefer St. There I was able to purchase 3 old Roger Corman movies for just $4.
Sunday morning is the perfect time to watch garbage like this. After a long week being hard at work doing my retiree stuff, it's time to turn the brain off, put the feet up and watch a nice slab of 1950s exploitation. In this one, Susan Cabot injects herself with wasp royal jelly and the consequences are not at all unexpected.

Movie #1022: Cronaca di un Amore (1950, Michelangelo Antonioni)

All very elegant. Elegantly made story of the super rich engaging in murderous activities. I do prefer this kind of story played a little closer to a back alley. Well made though.

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