Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day #21,368

Walk km 2290-2292: Maryland Parkway
Walk km 2292-2299: Rio Dr/Twain/Industrial/Mel Torme Way/Spring Mountain/Las Vegas Blvd/Cathedral/Channel 8/Desert Inn/Maryland

final table of World Championshop of Stud Eight or Better
aprox km 2293 Amazon Room, Rio Convention Center, Flamingo Rd

Movie #1024: Cariboo Trail (1950, Edwin L Marin)
Just chock full of the usual cliches. Surely this must have been the low point of Randolph Scott's career. A career that surprisingly rebounded again in the later 50s and was capped off with "Ride The High Country" in 1962.
One interesting thing about this movie is that it has Lee Tung Foo in the cast. For the story of Lee Tung Foo, check this out.

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