Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day #22,516

Walk km 14,485-14,487: to T&T

Movie #2335: Angel In The House (2011, Jonathan Newman)

The angel shows up with the body of a 7 year old but with the brain (and clothes) of a middle aged super conservative.

It's new on Netflix and the reviews on IMDB seemed to be split right down the middle: really heartwarming or really creepy. There didn't seem to be any middle ground. That sounded interesting.
Heartwarming or creepy? Neither! This is a moral tale whereby the filmmaker is trying to say that true happiness can be found by simply always thinking inside the box. What is important in life? Having nice clothes to wear. Taking baths. Making sure the man is the head of the house. Having lots of money. Believing in a higher being that's looking over you. Having fun (I think he goofed with this one).  Standard "family values".
It was quite an interesting watching experience. The movie is hideous but my eyes were glued to the screen throughout. 

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