Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Run (not walk) 100 (named) trails (full length) (Bucket List #6)

Ran the length of Reservoir Trail (#6)

Finished Trail #5: Ravine Trail (299m)

Finished trail #4: Cathedral Trail (282m)

Finished trail #3: Mallard Trail (253m)

Finished the 2 shortest trails I could find in Stanley Park: Tisdall Trail (108m) and Squirrel Trail (140m). Just 98 more trails to go.

Looks like this could be a tough one. I wonder what the shortest named trail is?
UPDATE: looks like Tisdall Trail and Squirrel Trail are the shortest trails in Stanley Park. Looks like I could do them right away.


  1. That looks ambitious! Running? That's a big leap from walking.

    1. Yup. And I'm having a hard time finding time to work on the running - I'm always walking.