Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day #21,550-551

Walk km 14,741-14,744: to T&T
Walk km 14,744-14,746: to the library

Book #467: The Glass Devil (2003, Helene Tursten)

Finally, we find someone in Sweden who can't write a crime novel!
This is basically a whodunit. The Swedish style of highliting the policeman's private life is there but here it's all sweetness and light. No drama at all. There are also plot turns that make no sense. A witch rising in the air and being propelled backwards is just ignored as if it didn't happen. The main policewoman is almost killed by a contract hit man but they just shrug it off as just the hit man having a bit of fun (can't have anything to do with the case!).
And there's all the woman's stuff. Now, there's nothing wrong with that but it's just hard to get into all that clothing and food stuff. Do we really need to know the details of the wine they're drinking or the receipe for that fabulous entree? It's never been necessary before - at least not in Sweden. This one's for the ladies and Agatha Christie fans.

Movie #2351: Bush Family Fortunes (2004, Steven Grandison)
Not worth much. Reporter looks into the shadey dealing of the Bush family but there's so many of them that they just get glossed over. The fake interviews are annoying as is Greg Palast's fedora that covers his baldness.
Based on Palast's book which I assume was much better.

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