Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day #21,555

TV Episode #57: Nova - Judgment Day (2007, Johnstone & McMaster)

A small town in Pennsylvania tries to promote religion in school. The town fights back. I think I've seen this before. The interesting thing is that part of the funding for this was provided by Charles Koch. That's right, that Charles Koch, the science denier. Weird.

TV Episode #58: Places That Don't Exist: Nagorno Karabakh  (2005)
Pretty much an Israel/Palestine story. Russia leaves and so two religions fight over the land. The Christians won nut the Muslims vow to return. The interesting thing about this YouTube video are the comments underneath. Unbridled hatred. Disgusting.

TV Episode #59: Places That Don't Exist: Taiwan (2005)
These places are described as ones that are dangerous but there's not much danger in Taiwan. Just a travelogue of this and that.  

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