Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day #22,658

Walk km 15,464-15,476: Fleetwood area of Surrey

twisted metal
approx km 15,470 end of 160 Street at Serpentine River

Book #478: The Coke Machine (2010, Michael Blanding)

A book about the Coca-Cola company. Front page blurb says it will reveal the "dirty truth" about the company. However, the author seems to be  reasonablely fair in the portrait he paints making Coke seem no worse than a lot of other corporations one could name.
Naturally, Coke is unethical in its practices but it's supposed to be because it is a financial being not a human being. There are two ways to try and saddle a corporation with ethics: through government or through consumer boycotts. Both avenues were attempted against Coke but only with limited success.
An interesting read.
FYI: is there cocaine in Coke? no. Was there ever cocaine in Coke? yes, for about the 1st 25 years.
What is the name of the script that Coke uses? Spencer script.

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