Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day #22,665-667

Walk km 15,536-15,569: no Meetup walks

Book #481: The Trial (1925, Franz Kafka)

Everyone knows this one. A man is arrested but they never tell him what he was arrested for. The kicker is that the man never even asks what he was arrested for.
I kinda thought that the whole trial thing was just an allegory for life. This guy is forever trying to figure out the legal system and will go anywhere to see anyone who has some info. He figures that this info will help his case. However, all the info he gets helps him not at all.
So I figured that the arrest is the instant where he starts questioning "the meaning of life". In the story, when the guy is arrested, nothing happens - he's allowed to go about his daily routine as if nothing has happened. There is no jail. All the info he trys to get is like going to a priest, a psychiatrist, a self-help guru etc that people do to try and find answers.
It seemed that was true in the 2nd to last chapter where a priest tells the story of a guy who waits at the door to justice all his life - only to die of old age at which time the door is closed. However, in the last chapter, the "arrested" character is taken out and executed. So much for that theory!

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