Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day #22,161

Walk km 11,545-11,547: to the library

Movie #2106: Shanty Tramp (1967, Joseph P Mawra)

dramatc scene from Shanty Tramp: Lee Holland ponders the meanin' of life

Another classic. For many years we've been able to hear the theme song to this movie (by Betty Dickson) but were unable to see the movie it came from. But finally, YouTube has come through (it's also available as a direct download from Amazon but only for Americans).
First off, these folks got no movie makin' talent. So, they go with plan B - give 'em everything we got. This would be for those deep south drive-ins so they include in their plot: the shanty tramp, a biker gang, racial tension, black/white shenanigans, fake evangelist, bootlegger, murder (black/white AND father/daughter), rape, shanty tramp/evangelist shenanigans, car on fire and everyone's favourite, nekkid boobs.
The director does try a few fancy shots here and there but this ain't no Citizen Kane.
It'll keep you entertained for 70 minutes and I'm sure it had those deep south drive-in attendees just a hootin' and a hollerin'.
Did Lee Holland (who portrays the shanty tramp) win an oscar for this one?

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