Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day #22,163

Walk km 11,558-11,561 (10,602 to go): running errands

Book #427: The Case Of The Smoking Chimney (1943, Erle Stanley Gardiner)

Hey, where's Perry Mason? I thought all ES Gardner's "The Case Of...." had Perry Mason as the lead character. Nope. In this one we've got an old codger who does the snoopin' around. Like Agatha Christie, ESG trots out a whole host of suspects and then has the detective point out the guilty party and go into a long dissertation on how he figured out whodunit.
The ESG has a bit more meat on it's bones than an Agatha Christie must it's still just a whodunit.

Movie #2107: Five Minutes To Love (1963, John Hayes)

Jeeez! Another lost classic. Unlike Shanty Tramp which delivers the goods, this one is mostly all talk. Sure, there are a few fight and chase scenes but this one is all about dialogue. A lot of it is jive talk but most of it is just plain crazy talk.
A husband/wife/child have their car break down near a junkyard. The husband goes to the junkyard to try and buy a starter for a 48 Ford. So far so good. However, this junkyard ain't just any junkyard. Even in the Twilight Zone, this place couldn't exist because it's just too weird.
One of the greats. And IMDB has this rated as a 42. 42!  

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