Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day #22,359

Walk km 13,157-13,170: to ferry terminal + Davenport
approx km 13,168: Auckland harbour from the ferry

approx km 13,166 park bench - along walkway above Devonport ferry terminal

approx km 13,164 typical street scene - Schoal Bay Road

Movie #2230: 5 Days (Montgomery Tully, 1954)

Another British B-movie. The story is quite silly (man hires an old friend to kill him so his wife can collected the insurance - but then changes his mind) and the execution is laughable. The viewing experience: goofy!
Thanks to the VLC player for fixing the aspect ratio so that everyone didn't look 4 feet tall and 300 pounds. Those idiots just can't leave that aspect ratio alone. 

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