Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day #22,360-361

Walk km 13,170,13,172: to the bus station
WAlk km 13,172-13,174: quick walk around Napier
Walk km 13,174-13,187: changing hotels
Walk km 13,187-13,190 (9171 to go): quick walk around Kennedy Road 
a highway
approx km 13,172 somewhere near Taupo

Movie #2231: The Glass Cage (1955, Montgomery Tully)

There may be more to this Montgomery Tully fellow than I at first thought. A fairly inept director but he did direct some fairly goofy pictures. This must have been his goofiest: it's murder mixed in with a carnival act featuring "the Great Sapolio", the starving man.
John Ireland is brought over from Hollywood and manages to keep a straight face.

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