Monday, March 18, 2013

Day #22,369-370

Walk km 13,305-13,306: to bus depot (Palmerston North)
Walk km 13,306-13,316: Wellington (Sunday)
Walk km 13,316-13,320: Wellington (Monday)
Walk km 13,320-13,321: to New World

Movie #2236: Charlie Wilson's War (2007, Mike Nichols)
Movie #2237: In My Country (2004, John Boorman)
Movie #2238: Secret Mission (1942, Harold French)
Movie #2239: The Day Will Dawn (1942, Harold French)
This is what happens when a hotel's Internet doesn't work! This is all old stuff - two from the 21st century by directors who did their best work in the 20th and 2 propaganda flix from WWII.
"Charlie Wilson's War" is quite entertaining. The true story of the congressman who spearheaded the effort to supply Osama Bin Laden with weaponry to defeat the invading Soviets. Nicely overacted by all.
"In My Country" is a failure. Important subject matter (reconciliation sessions in South Africa) but the execution is not the best. Plus they had to throw in a romance to boot.
The two propaganda flix are both pretty crappy. In both, Hugh Williams travels into enemy territory to help the allied cause and romance the local women. In the first, the Nazis are portrayed as buffoons whereas in the second they're heartless but cunning. In both, the agenda overcomes the film.

Book #448: King Of The Hustlers (1989, Eugene Izzi)

No internet also means I could finish this book as well. The usual first rate Izzi despite the fact that this was read in fits and starts while traveling.

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