Monday, July 1, 2013

Day #22,471-474

Walk km 14,143-14,154: various walks to various casinos

Movie #2304: Boys On The Run (2010, Daisuke Miura)

Not very exiting sex comedy/romance. However, I have to admit that the ending was OK and unexpected.
Just read the only comment left on IMDB: he didn't understand the movie because it didn't have a Hollywood ending. #clueless

Movie #2305: Otaku (1995, Bastide & Beineix)

Documentary about Japanese "otaku" which is their name for "couch potatoes". However the items do not all apply to otaku (like army games in the countryside). Interesting for it's content but the film itself is just a hodgepodge.
I just looked at IMDB and it appears that Netflix has cut this movie in half. Was 168 minutes but Netflix shows only 77 minutes. 

Movie #2306: Attack Of The Puppet People (1958, Bert I Gordon)

They are not puppet people and they don't attack anything. Kind of a cutesy mad scientist movie about turning people into dolls. The mad scientist does this because his wife left him and he's lonely. Aaaah.

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