Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day #22,502

Walk km 14,353-14,365: Musqueam Park to Marine Drive Station

Meetup walkers checking out the horses
approx km 14,356 Southlands

Movie rewatch: Vanishing Point (1971, Richard C Sarafian)

This is from a new website called VIOOZ. It appears to be illegal (they don't charge for their movies) so it probably won't last long. They make their money from popup ads. Each time you go to another page on their site, another ad pops up. However, once you start watching the movie, they leave you alone.
Now to the movie: of course, this is one of the all-time classics. But this version seems a little different. Was that night hitchhiker in the versions I've seen before? Where's all the cosmic crap from the end? Here, they just show him running into the bulldozers and that's it. I thought the other versions reprised the vanishing act from the start of the movie.
This ain't exactly the greatest movie ever. A lot of the music is crap. The flashbacks are crap. But whenever the star of the movie (the 1970 white Dodge Challenger) is on screen, it's great.

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