Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day #22,503

Walk km 14,365-14,375: a variety of parks in North Vancouver

Lynn Creek widens out into a pool
approx km 14,372 Lynn Canyon Park

Movie #2327: Vixen! (1968, Russ Meyer)

This is an odd one. The action takes place in British Columbia but the plot concerns racism, imperialism and communism (not a normal Russ Meyer concerns). It's just a regular romp in the woods until we learn the Vixen (the lead character) is a rabid racist and that her brother's friend is a draft dodger. Then a communist enters the picture and trys to hijack the little Cesna to Havana! The communist turns out to a baddie and the draft dodger is thinking only of himself but the racism subplot is just left hanging there.
I think Vixen would have been a big hit with Nixon!

Book #463: Fake I.D. (2000, Jason Starr)

In the tradition of Lou Ford from "The Killer Inside Me", we have a first person narrative by Tommy who appears to be kind of an asshole. Of course, that's just at first. As the story goes on we learn that he's a first class socioparth, a total idiot and a guy who constantly feels sorry for himself. What a winner!
Haven't read anything by Starr before but this is top-notch (although you will feel like taking a shower after you've read it). 

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