Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day #22,701

Movie #2438: A Virgin In Hollywood (1952, Klaytan W Kirby)

Small town reporter sent to Hollywood to get the inside scoop. The result is a grab-bag of various scenes (some from unknown sources and some filmed with the "star" Dorothy Abbott) all glued together to make the 60 minute requirement for a feature film. Pretty much a total waste of time except that Dorothy does kinda have an interesting June Allyson type vibe going.

Movie #2439: Hamlet Goes Business (1987, Aki Kaurismaki)

If only I'd read Hamlet beforehand I could have gotten a lot more out of this movie I'm sure. In the end, Hamlet is murdered by his chauffeur. Did they really have chauffeurs in the 17th century? Has Aki been meddling with this plot?  

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