Friday, February 28, 2014

Day #22,718

Walk km 15,961-15,966: running errands

Book #487: Joyland (2013, Stephen King)

Double negative for this one. This one is under the "Hard Case Crime" imprint up really has nothing to do with the "roman noir" style that this publisher specializes in.
Secondly, what happened to Stephen King? Didn't he used to write page turners? This one just drags along. It's not without it's merits but one of them is not an addictive plot line. 

Movie #23448: Mondo Hollywood (1967, Robert Carl Cohen)

Bobby Beausoliel - still in prison - a life sentence for murder

Starts off great with each weirdo (bunch of straight people too) getting just a minute or two to explain themselves. However, in the 2nd half the same people return so it's not nearly as interesting, A nice touch was a 2005 update with a "where are they now" caption. The interestintg thing was that one person was a victim of the Manson family and one was a member of the Manson family.

Movie #2349: Vietnam: Picking Up The Pieces (1978, Jon Alpert)

First Americans to re-enter Vietnam after the war produce a documentary that apperars to be an advert for the Vietnamese Communist Party. Were they forced to film only the improvements in the country or were there really only improvements to film? 

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