Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day #22,714-715

Walk km 15,926-15,935: Langara Sation to Olympic Village Station
Walk km 15,935-15,946: Kerrisville to Killarney
Walk km 15,946-15,949: library & T&T

Vancouver after dark
approx km 15,944 Victoria Street

Movie #2446: Teenage Zombies (1961, Jerry Warren)

Pathetic. But fun. There is a plot ("from the east" - they don't say if it's Nikita The K or Chairman Mao) to turn Americans into zombies so they can be used as cheap labour. A mad scientist is rushing to complete the formula for the secret zombie gas. However, a bunch of teens stumble upon the secret labratory and all heck breaks loose.
Really really bad but as is often the case........... so bad it's good.

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