Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Day #22,871

Walk km 17,181-17,187: Upper Lynn & Upper Lonsdale
trees and such
approx km 17,185 Princess Park

TV Episode #105: Seven Up (1964, Paul Almond)
TV Episode #106: 7 Plus 7 (1971, Michael Apted)
TV Episode #107: 21 Up (1978, Michael Apted)

Oh boy, I've got 5 more of these to go.And they're getting longer.
Addictive account of 14 children who are visted first when they are 7 years old and then every 7 years after (the most recent one was 56 Up in 2012).
I thought they were all made by Michael Apted but the very first one was actually made by Paul "Mr Genevieve Bujold" Almond!
The kids so far are following the path that looked set for them except Neil who went from extremely perky and smiling 7 year old to a rather depressed 21 year old. Of course, he has 35 more years to turn it around.
I found this quite fascinating so I can only guess what it must be like for the participants.

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