Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day #22,872

Walk km 17,187-17,189: library & T&T

TV Episode #108: 28 Up (1984, Michael Apted)
It's beginning to drag a bit. This one is 136 minutes long but there's probably only about 30 minutes of new footage. Can't blame the filmmakers though. Without seeing the previous episodes, those 30 minutes of new footage would be meaningless. VHS was all the rage at this time so it would be hard for them to foresee the advent of Netflix.
Some fake stuff in this one. Reenactments from their lives instead of "real" footage.
Sad to see Neil continuing his downhill spiral. Will he still be around for 35 Up? Bruce looks better though. Seems to have gotten over his problems from 21 Up.
The original reality TV show and no doubt the best.

TV Episode #109: 35 Up (1992, Michael Apted)
Not much difference from 28 to 35. One thing I noticed - by 35 they are very concerned about how they look.
The women look hideous the way they cover themselves with as much make-up as they can pile on. They also all wear their "Sunday go to meeting" clothes. They're trying to hide their true selves. A shame really because they all looked their best at 7 (except Tony!) .

Movie #2524: 42 Up (1999, Michael Apted)
Well, that's much better. Gone is that horrible makeup and goofy clothing on the women. They're looking much better at 42!
Spoiler Alert: Bruce got married! And Neil was at the wedding!!!

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