Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day #22,874

Walk km 17,200-17,211: testwalk through Walnut Grove
another trail
approx km 17,204 Walnut Grove

Movie #2527: Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974, John Hough)

Another Dodge Charger car chase movie but this ain't exactly Vanishing Point.
Still, it's a lot of fun
This is the 3rd John Hough movie I've seen. The last one was at the Metropolitan Theatre in Winnipeg 41 years ago.
After writing this I was wondering if I had the right theatre. I was sure the Metropolitan was torn down years ago but the internet says it has recently reopened. The address is on the south side of Portage which is where "The Legend Of Hell House" was playing but I didn't realize that it was as far down as Donald.
Oh, I think the other one was The Capitol Theatre - it was on the other side of Portage and it was the one that was split in half and had 1/2 the people watching movies in the balcony while another movie was showing in the lower half at the same time. I only saw one balcony movie there because there was a light up on the ceiling which screwed up the picture..

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