Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day #22,895

Walk km 17,398-17,404: going out to eat and errands

Movie #2543: Grown Ups (2010,  Dennis Dugan)
Horrid. Not only is it not funny but it panders to it's demographic audience.
Everyone in the audience is assured that the era that they grew up in was the best. The kids all learn that their 21st century entertainments are just crap whereas their parent's 1980s way of growing up was far superior.
Added to this is a big glob of smaltz which just puts the icing on an already rotting cinematic experience.
Avoid at all costs.
Almost Forgot: Steve Buscemi is in this movie. In a bit role - 12th billed!. Just goes to show, even cult movie stars have to pay the rent. 

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