Monday, August 11, 2014

Day #22,881-883

Walk km 17,273-17,287: West Lynn
Walk km 17,287-17,296: arriving in Halifax
Walk km 17,296-17,304: Point Pleasant Park
Walk km 17,304-17,325: to Giant Tiger
two trees
approx km 17,301 Point Pleasant Park

Movie #2537: Hard Times (1975, Walter Hill)
Not the best quality picture from a weak wifi signal here at Dalhousie University. However, there's nothing wrong with Walter Hill's direction. Charles Bronson plays the strong silent type and James Coburn is great as the weak yakky type.

Book #506: Jade Lady Burning (1991, Martin Limon)
Something different as two military policemen investigate the murder of a Seoul prostitute. Well done second tier roman noir. 

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