Friday, July 13, 2012

Day #21,122

Movie #2089: Lars And The Real Girl (2007, Craig Gillespie)

Shy guy buys a lifesize doll to be his girlfriend. He takes her to church, the doctor, parties etc. But instead of making fun of him, everybody in the small town pitches in and goes along with his delusion that the doll is real.It's all very heartwarming.
It makes for an interesting story but they can't really pull it off completely: the woman who wants him as a boyfriend even after she finds out that he's nutso? I think not.

Movie #2090: Never Stop (1956, Xinshi Zhang & Guo Quan Lui)

It's more yak yak yak in a Chinese Communist propaganda movie. Should villages form farming co-operatives right away or should they wait for the time to be right? District Commie bigwig says wait but is overruled by regional Commie bigwig who says right away. Yawn..

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