Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day #22,130

Walk km 11,277-11,280: to Safeway
Walk km 11,280-11,285: walk around streets of Shaughnessy

Movie #2096: My Dinner With Jimi (2003, Bill Fishman)

Not much of a movie. They couldn't afford any 60s sets so everything is in close-up. A documentary would have probably been better. The guy who played Jimi Hendrix was impressive though.
Oh ya, they did forget one thing: Flo and Eddie did the "Blind Date" column for Phonograph Record Magazine - they never even mentioned that - I guess since Howard Kaylan wrote the script he didn't wanna brag.

Book #422: The Farm (1967, Clarence Cooper Jr)
Well, it's unique. A novel concerning a drug addict in a prison for drug addicts. Clarence Cooper was a drug addict who spent a good part of his life in prison. So he knows of what he speaks.
The book is written in the lingo of the drug addict. It has no plot.
Interesting but no page-turner.

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