Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day #22,136-137

Walk km 11,336-11,341: running errands
Walk km 11,341-11,352 (10,785 to go): Meetup walk, Metrotown to 29th Ave Station
trail in the park
approx km 11,348  Discovery Place Conservation Area

Movie #2098: Wild Wild Planet (1965, Antonio Margheriti)

Some would have you believe that this is an epic loser in the same league as "Plan Nine From Outer Space". Not at all. Firstly, the budget for this must have been astronomical compared to a shoestring Ed Wood production. And the money looks to have been used wisely as the minatures all look just as realistic as those in your typical Japanese Godzilla movie.
It's the idiotic plot where this movie really shines. That is the only thing that comes close to Wood territory.

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