Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day #22,116

Walk km 11,168-11,170 (10,946 km to go): to T&T
Walk km 11,170-11,173: to Denman @ Davie

Movie #2088: It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955, Robert Gordon)

Idiotic. A giant octopus attacks San Francisco. The trouble is that the octopus has to stay in the water so just staying away from the waterfront would appear to be the thing to do. However, since this is a giant hole in the plot, all the San Franciscans head straight to the ferry boat terminal to get onto a ferry!
Also, this is another of the "let's keep women in their place" movies. They have one female character who thinks she's just as good as any man. Whatta laugh! As soon as the octopus approaches she just screams her head off and has to be saved by the men. Won't those Hollywood women characters ever learn?

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