Monday, February 4, 2013

Day #22,328

Walk km 12,855-12,862 (9466 km): walk from Metrotown to Gilmore stations

Movie #2213: Daydream (1964, Tetsuji Takechi)

Super weird for 1964 but then this is Japanese! It's two sexual perversions battling it out for 90 minutes. In one corner: romance - in the other: s&m. Caught in between is the poor woman who has to put up with these two men (and their two extremes). We have lots of electronic music and weird scenes shot primarily in a dentist's office and overnight in a department store. It was kinda fun but ultimately rather pointless.

Book #446: The Jugger (1965, Donald E Westlake)

This one is a bit different. There's no big caper here. Parker decides to investigate when a confederate who knows his real ID appears to be getting senile in a small Nebraska town. Better snuff him before he spills the beans. However, on arrival, Parker finds that someone has beat him to it.

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