Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day #22,337

Walk km 12,937-12,940: running errands

Movie #2217: Three Plus Two (1964, Genrik Oganisyan)

A Russian comedy from 1964! Amazing what you can find on YouTube. And do the Soviets have a wicked sense of humour? Niet!
Not funny at all but it does have that light breezy feel that Hollywood films had at that time. Historically interesting but nothing else to recommend it.

TV Episode #46: Miami Undercover: The Thrush (1961, Howard W Koch)

Run of the mill TV crime drama about the music industry payola scandal. Larry King plays the DJ who's gunned down for refusing to play a record. The record is by Jill Corey (who helps the police round up the baddies). Steve "I Wake Up Screamimg" Fisher wrote the screenplay.

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