Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day #22,330

Walk km 12,876-12,877: running errands

Music Video #4: Butterfly Concerto (Qiu Wenqi?)
The uploader obviously snuck a video recorder into this concert of The Butterfly Concerto performed by just a violinist and a pianist. We see the performance from between two seats in row 2. Probably recorded in Taiwan (since that's where the uploader lives). There is no info on the performers except that the Chinese characters translate as Qiu Wenqi - is this the name of the violinist?
As for the music, it's quite good. Sound quality is excellent. You don't lose much by having the piano play the entire orchestral part. The two musicians sound professional - I don't think that this was a high school recital. 

Music Video #5: Debussy's String Quartet in G (New Kyiv Quartet)
This is a tough one. All strings so there's no variety in the music (except for the pizzicato parts). It can drag if not played well. This one doesn't sound as good as the LP I used to have. Cameraman doesn't help with zooming in and out. I'm sure there are better videos of this one out there.

Music Video #6: Bach's Harpsichord Concerto #1(Helene Grimaud & Bavarian Radio Chamber Orchestra)
Wednesday evening classics continue. This is more like it. Multiple cameras give this a professional look. I haven't heard this before but because of the piano (Helene must have forgotten her harpsichord at home) and string interplay, it's never boring. Three parts: fast-slow-fast. I guess even then the second movement was supposed to be the "mood" movement. Excellent.

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