Monday, February 25, 2013

Day #22,347-349

Walk km 13028-13037: to the Strip
Walk km 12037-13041: changing hotels
Walk km 13041-13056 (9293 to go): trip to Laughlin

Day 22,348: Caesar's Palace (Las Vegas)

Day 22,349: arriving in Arizona (Bullhead City) after crossing the Colorado River

Movie #2222: 10:30PM Summer (1966, Jules Dassin)
Movie #2223: Isabel (1968, Paul Almond)
Movie #2225: The American (2010, Anton Corbijn)

Two Netflix movies including the famous Canadian production "Isabel" which is not available in Canada (only on Netflix USA) and one DVD of George Clooney starring in one directed by Anton Corbijn (former photographer for the NME).

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