Monday, October 21, 2013

Day #22,585-586

Walk km 14,995-15,002: Lighthouse Park
Walk km 15,002-15,005: to Chinatown/Stadium Station

Movie #2367: The Hypnotic Eye (1960, George Blair)

Enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. This has got to be the stupidest plot ever devised. And that makes the detective in the story the stupidest policeman ever. Women are self-mutilating themselves much to the shagrin of Detective Dave. One evening he attends a hypnotism show where his friend is hypnotised. That evening  the friend washes her face with sulphuric acid. Someone suggests to Dave that it's quite a coincidence that she was hypnotised on the same evening that she washes her face with sulphuric acid. Dave says "no way" it's just a coincidence. Even when his friend says she doesn't know why she did it but that she felt no pain from the acid, he still says "no way". Later on, he starts to catch on and lets his girlfriend get hypnotised by the same guy to find out what's going on. His girlfriend spends the evening with the hypnotist and then goes home with Detective Dave following behind. When she gets home, Detective Dave says "well we might as well go home too"! You'll be screaming at this guy!
Also, there's a long sequence of audience/hypnotist participation right near the end to pad the movie length which deflates any tension that might have been building.
A masterpiece of idiocy.  
Oh yes, almost forgot, it has a beatnik scene too. It's a real scream. There's this guy who looks straight outta squaresville reading the squarest poem ever written. The people that made this movie were clueless.

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