Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day #22,591-592

Walk km 15,028-15,040: Champlain Heights

Movie #2372: Mississippi Burning (1988, Alan Parker)

The book I read about Medger Evers mentioned that this movie caused quite a stir in Mississippi. I didn't see any "based on a true story" announcement at the beginning but based on the list of prison sentences at the end, I guess this was supposed to be based on a real FBI case. But, since the FBI used somewhat shady practices in order to get confessions, I'm not sure how close to real this is.
They did Hollywood it up a bit: I'm sure the 2 FBI agents were not quite the direct opposites that are portrayed here. And they even threw in a little love interest in as well.
Gotta admit, it does keep a person glued to their seat.

Movie #2373: Black Sheep (2006, Oliver Rihs)
A bunch of stupid people doing stupid things. No matter how trendy the visuals, it's still stupid people doing stupid things.

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