Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day #22,588

Walk km 15,005-15,015: Champlain Heights
Wednesday afternoon in the suburbs
approx km 15,014 Marquette Crescent

Book #469: Fatal Obsession (1983, Stephen Greenleaf)

Stephen Greenleaf is one of the best but this is kinda sub-par for him. Detective Tanner goes back to his midwest hometown and guess what he finds? That's right, murder! Ending is really tacked on and a good first half of the book spirals down to that.

Movie #2369: The Savage Seven (1968, Richard Rush)

I knew I was in trouble when the screen said "A Dick Clark production". I had the soundtrack album of this film since the 60s. It contains 2 Iron Butterfly tunes and 1 by Cream (and some filler). The Cream song is "Anyone For Tennis?" and a more unlikely tune for a biker flick would be hard to find. But there it was being played in the background during the all-out battle scene. And I do mean "background" as the volume was way down and being drowned out by the motorcycles. A much better tune was Iron Butterfly's "Iron Butterfly Theme" which would have made a great theme to a biker flick but they did the same thing to it: little snippets played with the sounds of motorcycles drowning it out. Obviously these 3 tunes were just snuck in to try and sell a few soundtrack LPs.
And the movie? It was crap.  

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