Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day #22,734

Walk km 15,103-16,117: more Hanoi walking

Movie #2458: A Thousand Pleasures (1968, Michael Findlay)

Wow! The great thing about skin flics is that if the director adds the required amount of nudity to the film, he's pretty much free to fill the rest of the film with whatever he wants. In this one, we have a guy driving down a rural road in his station wagon with his dead wife in the back. He stops to pick up two hitchhikers. Then things start to get weird.
Special kudos for whoever was in charge of selecting the music. Especially effective where those "Ancient Airs And Dances" type stuff during the nude parts - added a touch of class!

Movie #2459: Take The Money And Run (1969, Woody Allen)
Another pleasant evening spent with Woody Allen. I don't find him hilariously funny but most of his movies are nice breezy affairs with a few chuckles.

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