Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day #22,744

Walk km 16,269-16,272: early morning Victoria Park walk
Walk km 16,272-16,273 (6471 to go): back home

This is the last of my southeast Asia walks. My goal off 300 km has been successfully completed..

Movie rewatch: Bobby Fischer Against The World (2011, Liz Garbus)
Watched this on the plane. I knew I'd seen a Bobby Fischer doc before and it was this one. Still a good pick compared to the other stuff available.

Movie #2464: How I Live Now (Kevin MacDonald, 2013)

Listed under "avant-garde" on the plane. This is a kid's movie about a American teen going to the UK just as WorldWar III breaks out. But the really important thing is that she falls in love. Crap.

TV Episode #99: The Goldbergs - The Circle Of Driving (2013, Adam Goldberg)
Horrible. I know I saw it on a plane but that doesn't have anything to do with it: this is just out-and-out gawdawful.

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