Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day #22,741-22,743

Walk km 16,225-16,243: last walks in Vietnam
Walk km 16,243-16,248: Victoria Park Hong Kong
Walk km 16,248-16,255: morning walk in Victoria Park
Walk km 16,255-16,269: North Point to Star Ferries (both sides of Victoria Harbour)

Movie #2463: The Hitcher (1986,  Robert Harmon)

There are so many holes in this plot that you soon realize what you're watching is a fairy tale not an action adventure flic. Exactly who is John Ryder and why has he been sent to make Jim Halsey's life a living hell?
Since Jim was starting to nod off at the start of the picture I guess a dream would be as good a guess as any.
A lot of fun.

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