Monday, March 31, 2014

Day #22,749

Walk km 16,304-16,307: running errands

Movie #2467: Girl Gang (1954, Robert C Dertano)

It's amateur hour again. Timothy Farrell is a one man organized crime boss. He sells drugs to school kids, runs a chop shop for stolen cars, has his hop headed girls have sex with old coots so he can blackmail them, teaches youngsters how to shoot heroin, keeps a disgraced doc around for medical emergencies, has his hop headed kids have sex with him, has those same kids stick up gas stations and has some kid playing boogie-woogie piano! And he does it all in 62 minutes.
My favourite scene: doped up chick shoots a gas station attendant then throws the gun at the wounded man who picks it up and starts shooting back!
Loads of fun. 

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