Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day #22,781-784

Walk km 16,544-16,555: Morgan Creek
Walk km 16,555-16,559: West End
Walk km 16,559-16,569: Mount Pleasant

Meetup walker
approx km 16,562 Queen Elizabeth Park

Book #493: Gone 'Til November (2009, Wallace Stroby)

Picked up a book at more-or-less random from the library. This one ain't bad - a good page turner. Doesn't have the intensity of the Scandi writers. The lead character is extemely flawed. It was a little annoying that you had to mentally scream at her to do the right thing when she continually screwed up. Not sure if Wallace didn't think that what she was doing was silly or if he wanted a seriously flawed character as his heroine.

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