Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day #22,805-808

Walk km 16,727-16,737: small walks downtown

Movie #2492: Wayne's World (1992, Penelope Spheeris)
I think that one thing that makes this look so horrid is the arrival of Beavis & Butthead only a few years later. All of a sudden, Wayne and Garth become just pale shadows of the real thing..

Movie #2493: All That Heaven Allows (1955, Douglas Sirk)

Wow! This is the most "lush" movie I've ever seen. I know that Sirk has a reputation for this sort of thing but I didn't realize just how carried away with lushless he could get. Add to the lushness, a super weeper storyline and fake classical music and what do you have? Hollywood! 

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