Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day #22,799-801

Walk km 16,639-16,651: Ocean Park
Walk km 16,651-16,662: Oxford
Walk km 16,662-16,674: Panarama Ridge

horses (flipped on edge by downloader)
approx km 16, 665 Tom Brown Park

Movie #2488: The Snake Pit (Anatole Litvak, 1948)

Olivia DeHavilland gets the kinda role that the Academy just loves. Through no fault of her own Olivia goes nutso and has to endure life in an asylum. Excellent except for the splitting of the asylum staff into stupid/uncaring and intelligent/caring. That didn't ring true. The song at the end was frustrating: "Goin' Home" - the tune was so familar but I knew it came from somwhere else. Where was that music from? Answer: thank you IMDB - it was the 2nd movement from Dvorak's 9th symphony.

Move #2489: She's Got Everything (Joseph Santley ,1937)

A movie from one of the worst movie genres: the unfunny comedy.
The script was co-written by Maxwell Shane who went on to write some fine crime dramas. However, he obviously had no sense of humour.

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