Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day #22,836-838

Walk km 16,900-16,904: running errands
Walk km 16,904-16,915: Meetup walk to Sapperton
Walk km 16,915-16,918: running errands
Walk km 16,918-16,922 (5914 to go): to Denman and Coal Harbour

Movie #2505: Five and Ten (1931, Robert Z Leonard)

This is the first movie I've seen starring the silent movie queen, Marion Davies. Marion was the girlfriend of the extremely wealthy William Randolph Hurst and this movie was based on a novel by Fannie Hurst. Apparantly they were not related.
Actually, this isn't half bad although the old "money grubbing is bad for you" theme has been done to death (although possibly not in 1931). A "never heard of him" named Douglass Montgomery comes off  best as the geeky brother of Marion.

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