Monday, June 30, 2014

Day #22,839-840

Walk km 16,922-16,933: Brighouse Station to Steveston
Walk km 16,933-16,947: Shaughnessy
pool with trees
approx km 16,923 Minoru Park

Book #499: The Black Box (2012, Michael Connelly)

Haven't read a Connelly for awhile because the last two were subpar. However, there's no problem with this one. Connelly sticks to the standard crime novel formula here. And since he's one of the best at this sort of thing, he keeps those pages turning right to the end.

Movie #2506: Curling (2010, Denis Cote)

Reminds me of the good old days (the 60s) when Quebecoise filmmakers were famous for their depictions of rural Quebec. Here's another. Crazy/dull dad keeps his daughter locked away at home to protect her from the world. One of those evils lurking just beyond the family home? Curling!
Excellent although some may complain that the film has no ending.

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