Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day #21,598

Walk km 3848-3850: running errands
Walk km 3850-3859: Smithe/Granville/Homer/Davie/(skytrain)/Cambie/20th/Oak/19th/Kingsway/Broadway/Main

Book #278(#5 this year):
Scorpion Reef (1955, Charles Williams)

On one of my walks I passed a bookstore called PulpFiction. I went back the next day to see if they had any books by my old favourites that are no longer in the library. The only one I found was "Scorpion Reef" by Charles "Dead Calm" Williams. Williams was a true professional whose books always lived up to the blurb on the cover. A commercial ship comes across a pleasure craft with no one aboard. No one aboard but the coffee pot is still warm on the stove. Where did everyone go? The captain takes the ship's log and settles down for a good read.......

Movie #1203 (#27 this year): Manina La Fille Sans Voile(1952, Willy Rozier)

It's a stinker. It may not be the worst movie ever made but Willy and his crew certainly come mighty close. The only thing that saves it is a teenage Brigitte Bardot who makes her appearance about half way through the movie. Of course, this will only be of interest to half the audience. The other half have to put up with leading man Jean-Francoise Calve who, to be charitable, is best described as "goofy looking".

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