Friday, February 12, 2010

Day #21,604

Walk 3899-3905: Smithe/Granville/Nelson/Seymour/Davie/sea walk/Cambie bridge/(skytrain)/49th/Alberta/Langara GC walkway/Cambie/59th/Columbia/Marine

stairway and escalator
aprox km 3905 Marine Station

Movie #1206 (#30 this year): Place de la Republique(1974, Louis Malle)

At the time, this must have seemed like a pretty lame idea. Louis Malle with camera and sound technicians walks around a Paris neighbourhood and chats with the people that he meets. That's it, that's all. However, 36 years later, watching one particular point in time and space makes for a great viewing experience. The best part is when some of the people who appeared earlier make return appearances and a sense of community is established.

Movie #1207 (#31 this year): Humain, Trop Humain(1974, Louis Malle)
Documentary about auto assembly lines. They're monotonous. This movie is monotonous. I think that was supposed to be the point. However, I already knew this (I used to work for a living).

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